Utagawa Hiroshige, New Year’s Eve Foxfires (detail), 1857

Title: Tired Of Me
Artist: Jesu
Album: Jesu
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jesu - tired of me


A monograph of the genus Epomophorus, with the description of a new species

By Tomes, R F

Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London Volume  1860 

Pp.  42—58

a new species…of fabulous shoulder accessory!!

electric whiskers - thrill of the hunt

my friend and ultimate cat pal parki made this song, download it and all proceeds go directly to the nebraska humane society.

Title: A Missed Chance for a Meaningful Abortion
Artist: Dangers
Album: Anger
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Dangers - A Missed Chance for a Meaningful Abortion

nailed it. #selfie


angela glajcar :: perforazione schwebend

last week reggie and i did some work on some macadamia nuts and then i made kumquat white chocolate macadamia scones and then FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES OF THEM JESUS FUCK WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT OF LIVING ANYMORE

i didn’t work very many hours this week.

mightyflynn whispered: What is it about baseball?


Honestly after years of contemplating this question I think it’s the geometry. The way that the still scene on the field at any given moment contains a finite but vast number of possibilities. The more into baseball you are, the more of these possibilities you’re able to spot and hold in your mind between pitches. In this way, baseball mirrors literally every waking moment of one’s life, except that in baseball, the compulsion to act is permanent and ongoing, so there’s never a point in any 3-2 count where the whole team just loses sight of its goals and gets a crummy job it hates and ends up wasting a whole year there instead of just the summer. This just doesn’t happen in baseball. There are a number of possibilities, and then one of them is put into play, and then the consequent number of possibilities opened by the play are set in motion, and yet again they are winnowed down to one, and all this is right there, like the energy of the atom, in the configuration of the nine players on the field and the one at the plate. Hence geometry. This is the opposite of boxing, which is not about geometry or physics or calculus or heroic narratives, but which is the sport where you get to hit somebody in the face all night and he doesn’t even take it personally, and then you even hug each other afterwards no matter who won, unless you’re a really bad sport. 

help, these flowers are really big and i’m not sure but i think they’re getting clos—

pretty much everything, and it’s totally sterile what with all the hydrogen peroxide included! you can even build your own jet pack! delightful!